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This is a physical pack of workout cards, not a download.

If you’re a member of a gym or happy to invest in some equipment for your home then this workout pack is for you! Adding a little resistance and weight is the best way to push your workouts to the max and increase your results.

My workout cards were created after years of telling my clients to write down the moves we performed during PT sessions. These cards are the perfect tool to not only educate you on how to exercise but to help you burn fat, build muscle, improve mobility and enhance your fitness levels. I know what it’s like to lead a busy lifestyle and so these workouts are determined by you, all you have to do is determine the amount of time you have available and pick the amount of cards to suit your timeframe.

There are 45 individual exercises, and 9 set routines at the back of the pack to give you a little inspiration but once you’ve got the hang of those you can go rogue and pick your own cards from legs, upper body Abs and Cardio. Each pack has a picture of the exercise and a description of how to perform the move on the back, as well as a guide on reps, sets and rest and even come with a selection of motivational quotes to keep you on the fitness wagon! Each pack is the smaller than a pack of playing cards making them perfect to take with you wherever you go.

*Disclaimer: Stop exercising and consult your physician if you feel dizzy, faint, light-headed or if you experience any discomfort. Only you can monitor your condition during your workout. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking attention and advice as appropriate. Never force or strain.